Discover Mithras Technology AG - a Startup powered by CADFEM Group: Wrist watches powered by electrical energy from body heat

The pulse of the times - Batteries supply wristwatches and other wearables with energy. This energy, however, is actually already available right where you are. This is where the mission of a Swiss start-up begins: Mithras Technology AG develops systems that convert human body heat into electrical energy. Simulations with Ansys provide valuable information for this.
Dr. Reinhard Müller-Siebert, Mithras Technology AG

Never need to replace or recharge the battery of a watch again? That's the idea behind the technology developed by Mithras, which converts body heat into electrical energy. Portable and wearable devices with small power inputs can be powered autonomously, and the advantages are more relevant than ever. Batteries are becoming obsolete in this segment, and with them the CO2 footprint they leave behind in their life cycle – from material procurement to production, packaging, transport, and disposal or recycling.

Swiss Startup Mithras Technology AG develops systems for energy generation through body heat. Customers are manufacturers of low-power portable and wearable devices. Mithras is sponsored by CADFEM International and is involved in projects with renowned watch manufacturers.

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