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CADFEM's new home - A wooden building as a commitment to a sustainable company

After two years of planning and two years of construction, the time had come. At the beginning of May 2022, we were allowed to move into our new company headquarters.
Dr.-Ing. Christoph Mueller, CEO of CADFEM International GmbH

For us, the question was whether and why we should build ourselves. As a company, you tie up a lot of capital that could be invested in other ways. On the other hand, the financing options were favorable, so from a financial point of view, there was a lot to be said for having our own building.

But the financial consideration was only one aspect, because we expect that our building will not pay for itself for many years. Our real motivation was that we have been wanting to have our own building for almost 20 years, and we have two architects in the family.

Bird's eye view of the new CADFEM headquarters in Grafing-Schammach

For us, our own building is an expression of our corporate culture. What does a building say about a company? We think it says a lot. It is a statement to clients, partners and colleagues who work there. A building presents itself like a homepage, it is what you see first and gives an impression of what is important to the company. What you can expect from it. Our wood building represents what you can expect from us: Sustainability, a promise of quality, and a long-term commitment.

It was important to us to create a place that exudes warmth and friendliness, yet meets the needs of a modern, functional office. Employees should feel that we value them as people, not just the value of their work. And it should convey to clients how we want to work with them.

Our Headquarters: An expression of our corporate culture

Instead of a "normal" office building, we wanted a campus with a flow. An open, inviting building. People can come and go, bring their kids, have lunch from the chef, meet colleagues, and get the best ideas while chatting between doors. It's not meant to be a "I have to" in terms of work, but a "I can" or "I might" now.

Our goal is to gradually become CO2 neutral over the years. Therefore, sustainability was a matter of course and was always considered. That is why we chose wood, which grows back and binds CO2. For example, 1,185 cubic meters of spruce wood were used for the solid wood construction (skeleton construction) alone. According to our research, it takes about 0.75 seconds for 1 cubic meter of spruce wood to grow back in Germany. For our house, this means 900 seconds or 15 minutes for the wood to grow back.

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