The CADFEM Group is a leading provider for simulation-based engineering. Our expertise and know-how extend to almost every industry and application in the world of simulation. Our business approach is “think globally, but act locally”, using the collective strengths of small and medium sized companies and believing in the fresh ideas of start-ups.
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Investment in Start-ups


Most members of the CADFEM GROUP are Ansys Channel Partners from all parts of the world. They are joined by partners with complementary areas of expertise. In addition to this, the CADFEM Group continues to support young start-ups.


A strong and long-lasting relationship
ANSYS CHANNEL PARTNERS from Europe, Asia, USA and North Africa operate together under the umbrella of the CADFEM Group. The distances are short, the expertise immense, the philosophy remains the same: “think locally, act globally”. This slogan stands for the idea of providing customers worldwide access to the unique CADFEM simulation expertise, moderated by their local CADFEM partner and thus tailored to regional requirements and specifics.

Solution Partner

A few years ago, medicine, data analysis, mathematical models, autonomous mobility and 3D geodata in the context of simulation were still considered topics of the future. They have since arrived as valuable digital twins in engineering and are in great demand in industry and research. Within the CADFEM Group, specialized companies, EXPERT SOLUTION PARTNERS, have helped shape this path and are now leading providers of these technologies.

Investments in Startups

Another hallmark of the CADFEM Group is the support of START-UPS WITH HIGHLY-INTERESTING TECHNOLOGIES. Around 20 such promising future companies from a wide range of fields are currently being supported by the CADFEM Group. One that CADFEM believed in very early on is Climeworks AG, which is generating a worldwide sensation with its methods for CO2 removal.


Upcoming events

As the driving force behind simulation, we are represented at numerous events, share our expertise in lectures and workshops and are ready to answer your individual questions with our experts on site. Come and visit us!

The early years

“The finite element method has been with me all my life.”
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