The CADFEM Group is a leading provider for simulation-based engineering. Our expertise and know-how extend to almost every industry and application in the world of simulation. Our business approach is: Think global but act local using the collective strengths of small and medium sized companies.


A strong and long-lasting relationship

The members of the CADFEM Group form strategically the most important Channel Partner of ANSYS, the world’s largest developer of simulation technology. As ANSYS Channel Partner we sell all ANSYS simulation packages from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and system simulation as well as embedded software.

Simulation technologies, special simulation expertise and new markets

The CADFEM Group is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to keep us at the forefront of simulation engineering. Therefore, we invest in innovative ideas like new fields of application, new simulation technologies or new markets around our core technology ANSYS.

Investment in start-ups

As a progressive company the CADFEM Group is actively supporting young and upcoming companies in the field of simulation. We are also investing into new fields that are not directly linked to our core business of engineering simulation. We are working closely with the founders of these business so we can identify with their ideas and business models. A key example is Climeworks, who developed a unique technology to capture CO2 out of the air.


Our Philosophy

The Philosophy behind the CADFEM Group - We believe in the strength of small and medium sized companies. Business of our Group Members is based on small hierarchy, trust, openness, team spirit, and employee responsibility. As part of the Group our companies can use synergies, offer broader services and act globally. Looking at books from E.F. Schumacher and Salim Ismail we feel that we already have some characteristics of their business models of the future.