The CADFEM Group is a leading provider for simulation-based engineering. Our expertise and know-how extend to almost every industry and application in the world of simulation. Our business approach is: Think global but act local using the collective strengths of small and medium sized companies.

History of the CADFEM Group

The practical application of numerical simulation dates back to the 1970s. That’s when the first commercial programs came onto the market. These included ANSYS, which was developed by John Swanson. The acceptance of numerical simulation in the industry grew strongly in the 1980s and drove John Swanson to seek engineering firms across the world, who would market ANSYS on-site on behalf of his company, Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc. (SASI). The partners served as ANSYS support representatives. One of the partners was Günter Müller, who in 1982 went on to become a freelancer in this profession. He used to travel internationally, working on behalf of SASI to acquire and support customers across Europe. In 1985, John Swanson established the network of ANSYS Support Distributors. The partners now had to buy the software from SASI and resell it to customers. This business model led to the founding of CADFEM GmbH. CADFEM was granted exclusive distribution rights for Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and in early 1990, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Russia.

From 2006, after ANSYS acquired other German-based companies such as FLUENT, CFX and ANSOFT, the market was run by both CADFEM and ANSYS. Over the decades, many partnerships were formed across national borders, with stakes in various companies that included providers of complementary services. This shows that right from the beginning, the initial vision was not limited to national or technological horizons.

In summary, the holding company, CADFEM International AG, was founded in 1997 in Aadorf (Switzerland) and CADFEM International GmbH in 2009, with headquarters in Grafing. All holdings under the umbrella of CADFEM International AG and CADFEM International GmbH are – according to the definition of Group under “common law” – considered members of the CADFEM Group.

Simulation Software and Services – worldwide 

The CADFEM Group, which developed over the years out of CADFEM GmbH, comprises 20+ companies with over 500 employees in 15+ countries. CADFEM markets the entire ANSYS product range – from Structural Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetics to System Simulation and Embedded Software. Because software alone cannot guarantee successful simulation, CADFEM – in line with its slogan “Simulation is more than software” – has positioned itself as a full systems vendor, engineering services provider, and training and information supplier. Products, services and knowledge are bundled into bespoke solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

As a technological leader and pioneer, CADFEM enables its customers to always work with cutting-edge technology and fully exploit the potential of Simulation Based Engineering. CADFEM acts further as an interface between users and ANSYS, Inc. and has always been an important consultant for ANSYS in software development. CADFEM also offers a comprehensive range of educational programs. These range from basic trainings through career-integrated academic master and certificate studies in cooperation with universities, and, also maintains close contacts with schools to inspire students for technical professions.

The CADFEM Group unites ANSYS Channel Partners from various countries in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. We are the largest ANSYS Channel Partner and support our customers worldwide with CADFEM’s renowned commitment to quality. Further members of the group offer services and expertise in medical simulation, mathematics, software development, robust design optimization, smart cities and digital twins. To foster innovation and new ideas the CADFEM is also investing in technology start-ups.

Through TechNet Alliance and other networks CADFEM is in regular exchange with other technology leaders about simulation trends and developments.

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