As a progressive company the CADFEM Group is actively supporting young and upcoming companies in the field of simulation. We are also investing into new fields that are not directly linked to our core business of engineering simulation. We are working closely with the founders of these business so we can identify with their ideas and business models.



Bring! Labs AG (Exit)

Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss Start Up based in Zurich, developing and promoting the award winning grocery shopping list app Bring!.

ClearSpace SA  

ClearSpace SA – a mission to make space sustainable


Capturing CO2 from air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. Climeworks direct air capture plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere to supply to customers and to unlock a negative emissions future.

coatmaster AG

Measurement system for fast non-contact and non-destructive testing of industrial coatings.

DistalMotion SA

Development and commercialization of a new surgical device for minimally invasive surgery.

Digital Masterpieces GmbH

Digital Masterpieces integrates innovation from research into a high-performance image and video processing platform.

EarlySight SA 

EarlySight | Monitoring retina state of health


DEM Particle Simulator Particle simulation where shapes do matter.

Factory Works Berlin GmbH

Factory Berlin's diverse network of members and partners come together to build the world of tomorrow.


FenX AG – insulation reborn from ashes

Gepard GmbH

Development and distribution of licensable eLearning modules in the areas of "health" and "occupational safety".

IDUN Technologies AG

IDUN Technologies AG – the internet of humans

kiutra GmbH

kiutra GmbH – Explore the sub-Kelvin World

Kontrol GmbH – we make mobility safer

Kontrol GmbH – we make mobility safer

Leman Micro Devices SA

A personal health monitor in your smartphone: Measure your blood pressure and other vital signs, and , with your consent, share them securely with your physician, save your historical data and statistics.


L.E.S.S. (“Light Efficient Systems”) introduces the next generation of distributed lighting systems as a new alternative to today's LEDs or discharge tubes.

Manyfolds GmbH

Manyfolds GmbH – massgeschneiderte, perfekte Verpackungen. Sofort lokal produziert.

N-Dream AG (AirConsole)

AirConsole is a cloud-based platform for local multiplayer gaming.

Pregnolia AG

Pregnolia, a spin-off of ETH Zurich, is a medical technology company focused on helping bring more pregnancies to term.

QualySense AG

QualySense develops high-end solutions for a safe and sustainable food supply.

Scewo AG

Scewo AG – Elektrorollstuhl. Die neue Generation.

Seerene GmbH

Seerene is a German company specialized in the areas of software intelligence and software mining.

Side Effects AG

Side Effects AG – enable your 3D CAD Data

aSR advanced Simulated Reality GmbH

aSR advanced Simulated Reality is a startup for the development of the next generation of open architecture driving simulators.

Synple Chem AG

Synple Chem provides new automated synthesizers using revolutionary reagent capsules to make the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient.

Voltaiq Inc.

Voltaiq Inc. – Enterprise battery Intelligence

wetransform GmbH

wetransform GmbH – Faster, better Standards for a smarter World

3D Content Logistics GmbH

3D Content Logistics offers solutions for the analysis and visualization of complex business data, including 2D and 3D geographic data and massive IoT sensor data.

9T Labs AG

3D Print Composite Prothesis - 9T Labs automates and digitizes composite manufacturing at scale.