Simq is a certified software developer with a mission to personalize patient care using computer simulation and physics-based modeling.

Simq GmbH

Personalizing patient care with simulation

We have developed a customizable platform that gives health professionals and medical device manufacturers easy access to in-silico medicine and digital twin simulations. The untapped potential of this technology enables our customers to explore new opportunities in manufacturing, regulatory processes, development and patient care.

All solutions and medical products built on our platform benefit from a unique regulatory framework and easy-to-use workflows that can be used without a CAD background.

The predefined workflows are tailored to customer needs and combine physics-based modeling with artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.

We have a highly experienced team of simulation, engineering, design and development experts ready to take on any challenge.

To support the credibility of our products and computational models, we are very active in research with numerous universities. We are also proud members of the Avicenna Alliance or the V&V40 expert group (FDA recognized, participants such as Zimmer biomet, Boston Scientific and many more) dedicated to assessing the credibility of computer models through verification and validation specifically for medical devices.

Simq VIT - Virtual implant testing
Digital verification of patient-specific implants. By virtually applying physiological or standardized loads to a patient-specific situation, the performance and safety of implants can be verified quickly.
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Simq OSA – Improve diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea
Efficient flow simulations of a patient-specific airway allow localization of anatomical causes and support objective diagnosis.
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Consulting and Service
Benefit from our expertise and experience - we support you with simulations in the approval process, with patient-specific simulations, post-market surveillance and much more.
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