INYO designs and realizes SMART TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS based on electric light weight vehicles.

INYO Mobility GmbH


Mobility Solutions: Which solution fits best with your requirements? Together with you, we specify the best mobility solution. Based on certified technologies, we realize future-proof transportation systems and taking you on the way to what is and will be possible with autonomous driving vehicles.

Management systems: In the right place at the right time. For every player to know what to do, everything has to be perfectly coordinated. With our software platform, we can control and coordinate fleets of autonomous vehicles to ensure and optimize the perfect performance of your mobility solution.

Customized vehicles: We design and build the vehicle which best fits your requirements. Let it be a one-seater, a shuttle with more capacity ,or a new vehicle species we ensure passenger acceptance, sustainability, and transport efficiency. In the end, our pursuit of excellence is to realize a modular transportation platform for your autonomous driving application.