With simulation we optimize building performance by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and by improving indoor comfort and sustainability.

BCE Dynamics GmbH

Building Climate Energy

BCE Dynamics supports architects, developers, and project managers improving their building planning process by offering modern and sophisticated simulation services.

“Make the World better and sustainable” is a key goal of the CADFEM Group.

The building industry worldwide plays a key role in terms of climate change and sustainability because it causes 40% of energy-based carbon emissions, consumes 30% of global energy and is accountable for 50% of natural resources usage and waste production. At the same time, most people spend most of their lifetime in buildings, and their demands keep growing with increasing welfare.

The complexity of a new or refurbished building as a system has grown significantly. This is because one needs to consider and combine the requirements of climate protection through emission-free buildings, low energy consumption, reliable renewable energy sources, high comfort, healthy indoor climate, safe operation, environmentally sustainable materials, and financially affordable solutions.

Any new building design and planning process must take that increased complexity into account. It is no longer enough to follow past best practice and to build according to existing regulations.

We are convinced that the challenge of increased complexity can be matched by using sophisticated simulation tools throughout the complete life cycle of a building. Simulating the dynamic interaction of the complete building structure, the HVAC equipment, the indoor and environmental climate, and the renewable energy system allows us to search for the best solution in terms of building performance. In addition, simulation tools are used for optimizing specific requirements such as thermal comfort, ventilation systems, solar systems, and many others.

The sooner you involve our simulation services in your planning process the higher the impact for getting a much better and sustainable building solution.

Restaurant Area Airport
Determination of target values for the building indoor climate specification and simulation based development of a building climate concept.
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Energy Demand Classroom
Consideration of the energy demand for natural and mechanical ventilation for buildings of different insulation standards.
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CO-Simulation Parking Garage
Reduction in investment costs in a parking garage by optimizing the ventilation system with simulation.
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